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Principal’s Message  

Many many congratulations to all the students for bringing out their best in CBSE Board Examination. The shining marks are the outcome of a yearlong perspiration and perseverance with focused approach to the goal. Parents also deserve appreciation as this would not have been possible without support to their children and constantly reminding them the importance of hard work along with instilling confidence what they are capable of.

We believe:

History is theirs whose language is sun

Our motto:

To explore the unfathomable depth of the skies with the determination of ‘Eklavya’

Can we create an educational system which will retain smiles on the faces of our children throughout the period of their education, Right from the time they start attending school till they take up the job? Can we truly make this possible? I believe we can do it only if we make the education system an enjoyable system experience and provide employment opportunities to all the youths, based on their aptitude and ability.

Teachers in a society carry the greatest responsibility- the mission of igniting curiosity among the young. A curious youth is the most powerful resource in the world. The role of the teachers is like that of a ladder- the ladder itself stays in its place but gives opportunities to other to rise. While classroom learning is important, what students learns through self- observation outside the classroom is equally vital. A child must be an active participant in the process of learning through field studies, experiments and discussions. To achieve this, school must move from being mere bookish educational centres to becoming wide-ranging knowledge and skills hubs.

We are firmly of the view that creativity can flower only in an environment of love, care and trust and that nothing hinders it more than fear. Hence, in our scheme of things, use of force i.e. punishment, and corporal punishment at that, is an absolute taboo. We have made it a point to move in sap with the modern enlightened philosophy and practices of pedagogy in which corporal punishment as a coercive tool is for the tyrant and not for the teacher.

The school extends BEST WISHES to its students, parents and the force behind it that is the teachers.

Sh. B. P. Singh


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